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Sweet & Stylish! These cute headbands are perfect for fall!

The pattern comes with two different headband styles and instructions for both are included. There are 3 different sizes included - 18 (20, 22)” / 45.5 (50.5, 55.5) cm.

Malabrigo Worsted makes a wonderful choice for these headbands as it is so squishy soft!

The first headband, shown in green, is knit in the round on a 16” circular knitting needle. It features the binary lace stitch a midst basic stockinette stitch. Buttons are sewn on afterwards for a decorative finish.

The second headband, show in blue, is worked sideways and features the binary lace stitch - this is a great way to learn to do basic lace. This is an easy headband but very cute!

These headbands can be made with as little as 55 yards depending on the size of the headband.

Binary Headbands

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